The pride and joy of Hotel Ancora’s hospitality is our restaurant.

Our elegant and cozy dining room faces the sea, is raised and overlooks the terrace and swimming pool, offering a breathtaking view of the sea of Jesolo.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here, which allow us to boast one of the most appreciated half- and full-board services on the coast.

The seafront panorama is the ideal setting to enhance the delights that our chefs prepare every day with care and creativity, as well as the highest-quality ingredients.

We choose only the best fish and the most prestigious cuts of meat, fruit and vegetables of first choice every day.

They’re prepared with care and attention by our chefs, all with the genuineness and taste you expect from us.


We think that there is nothing more beautiful than starting the day enjoying a fantastic breakfast while looking out at the sea and the pool.

We will serve your preference of hot drinks at the table. For everything else, you can choose for yourself from the wide assortment at the buffet, divided into various areas:

  • Sweet: with a wide choice of croissants, mini-krapfen, doughnuts, tarts, cakes, sweets and biscuits;
  • hygienic dispenser of five different quality jams, Nutella, honey, yoghurt and at least four varieties of cereals and muesli;
  • Baked: with a dozen different types of sourdough bread, classic, with cereals, black, rye, with seeds, with fruit or berries, rusks;
  • Savory: sunny side up eggs, scrambled eggs and bacon.
  • Freshly sliced cold cuts every morning – South Tyrolean speck, mortadella, salami, cooked ham, turkey; at least two types of sliced cheese and packaged mini-cheeses;
  • area with freshly cut and seasonal fresh fruit; at least three different varieties (melon, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, peach, apple, banana), and at least a couple of different fresh vegetables;
  • Drinks: juice, water, milk.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner at the Hotel Ancora combine the authenticity and taste of Italian and international cuisine without excluding the needs of those who prefer a vegetarian diet or follow special dietary rules.

The main courses are served piping hot at the table by our lounge staff.
At the Hotel Ancora, we are convinced that whether it’s a seafood risotto or a grilled sea bream, it must be prepared to perfection by the chefs and immediately served hot directly at the table in order to fully appreciate the appetizing details of taste, cooking and texture.

At each meal, our guests can choose from a daily menu of more than 10 entrées and more than 15 main courses.

To make your culinary experience even more special, our vast buffet offers a wide variety of specialties and delicacies prepared daily by our imaginative chefs – hot and cold appetizers, salads and vegetables of all kinds, delicious canapés, hot and cold side dishes, re-elaborations of entrées and main courses, cheeses and fresh fruit.

Dulcis in fundo, a refrigerated display case is at your disposal and continuously stocked with an extraordinary assortment of delicious desserts. Make sure not to miss the most traditional Italian and international desserts – there’s no lack of original tastes or combinations that will amaze you.

Everything is prepared in convenient portions to be taken out and ready to be tasted.

A real nook of delicacies always at your disposal!

Lunch will be the perfect break during the hottest hours of the day and will give you the energy you need to face the rest of the day.

During dinner, you’ll experience the thrill of accompanying your delicious dish with a glass of incredible wine, letting yourself be enchanted by a breathtaking sunset or by the fascinating play of lights of the illuminated swimming pool and the beach at dusk.

Let yourself be carried away by all that our restaurant service has to offer.